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Weekends Getaways

Stress-free weekend is a dream for thousands of city birds who like to rewind after a grueling work week. Most people wish they could just recoil in their beds and disappear for the weekend.

What if we offer you to rejuvenate your spirits in only a weekend?

We plan it all for you and provide you with the best options on the basis of your preferences.

Yes, we are experts in planning your short vacations with utmost care so that you get-

  • Complete value for your short time. We know weekend getaways are only 2-3 days long. So make the most of it.
  • Complete value for your money. We have organised thousands of holidays and we know where to save money for you.
  • We plan it all for your convenience. You just have to get out of your house and start.

Some of the things and places that we can offer as part of your weekend getaways are-

  • Fun-filled activities, such as, trekking a nearby trail, or, spending a weekend in a nearby safari/national park.
  • Backpacker trips can also be arranged if you simply want to head out to a certain undiscovered nearby town.
  • All-inclusive cosy vacations for the family. You simply have to reach your hotel and relax and put your feet up.

So whatever it is you have in mind give us a ring on 08826298888/08826281111.





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